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GAW 11, provides a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services to a public of over 1,000 professionals. It also includes commercial, educational, governmental and geological societies, as well as exhibitors demonstrating their products and services.

Government agencies and academic institutions may highlight progress in their research, education and mapping. Geoscience-related industries may take advantage of the gathering of participants or decision-makers coming from different Arab countries to demonstrate new technologies, instruments, and equipment, and to showcase histories. Guests, including professionals, entrepreneurs and authorities from all the Arab countries as well as expats working in these countries, will also visit this Exhibition.

The Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for Service Companies, Consulting Bureaus and Earth Science Publishers to exhibit their latest services and products. Visitors to the Exhibition will be decision-makers, explorationists, petroleum and mining engineers and academics..The Organizing Committee has decided to publish a promotional catalogue, depicting all the Exhibition activities. Companies participating in the Exhibition and who wish to advertise in the catalogue should write to the Exhibition Coordinator for details.
The minimum booth area is 2*2.5m. and the fee is 200US$. The area can be extended by adding more units. Larger units and tables, chairs and other accessories must be arranged with the Exhibition Coordinator.